2014-03-15 Andy SpencerFix whitespace error master
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerFix newlines
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerFix rising/falling edge capture
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerAdd heuristics for time printing
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerFix event scheduling bug
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerAdd readme and cleanup formatting cleanup
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerMake control script more configurable
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerAdd Android app from Yue
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerSplit start and period set functions
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerUse relay flag insead of Device ID
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerFix bug in event generation
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerMake slave mode configurable
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerDebug relayed initialization
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerAdd serial transmit call
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerStart working on serial relay
2014-03-15 Andy SpencerRefactor main into separate files
2014-03-14 Andy SpencerBring in utilities to tester
2014-03-14 Andy SpencerFactor out message parser
2014-03-14 Andy SpencerImport testing code and update makefiles
2014-03-14 Andy SpencerCleanup comments and move test.cpp
2014-03-13 Andy SpencerStart logging data
2014-03-13 Andy SpencerSave a working version of TPM
2014-03-13 Andy SpencerDebug TPM settings
2014-03-13 Andy SpencerMisc debugging
2014-03-12 Andy SpencerPerform no-delay time synchronization
2014-03-12 Andy SpencerUpdate message definitions
2014-03-11 Andy SpencerWork on event output message
2014-03-11 Andy SpencerIgnore tags file
2014-03-11 Andy SpencerDebug PWM output
2014-03-11 Andy SpencerFix input events
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerFix bug in irq code
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerCleanup and test messages and events
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerAdd output event and more messages
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerImprove time sync accuracy
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerUpdate testing code
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerWork on second mbed
2014-03-10 Andy SpencerMove testing code out of main
2014-03-09 Andy SpencerAdd dma timestamper
2014-03-09 Andy SpencerGet DMA timestamp working
2014-03-09 Andy SpencerAdd dma and more tests
2014-03-03 Andy SpencerAdd UART 1/2 testing
2014-03-03 Andy SpencerStart work on interfaces
2014-03-01 Andy SpencerAdd initial hw2 folder
2014-02-17 Andy SpencerGTK+ 3 support
2014-02-14 Andy SpencerAdd screenshots
2014-02-14 Andy SpencerAdd sine wave generator
2014-02-14 Andy SpencerAdd plot selector
2014-02-14 Andy SpencerConvert logger to use threads
2014-02-14 Andy SpencerSplit Xively streams and debug upload
2014-02-13 Andy SpencerFinish up
2014-02-12 Andy SpencerDebugging..
2014-02-12 Andy SpencerUpdate from Yue, and add rate column
2014-02-12 Andy SpencerAdd report
2014-02-12 Andy SpencerMove timer to main
2014-02-11 Andy SpencerAdd A2D signaling
2014-02-11 Andy SpencerAdd initial plotting
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerUse serial.isWaiting() function
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerFix typo
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerSwitch to #pramga pack() for portability
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerMore bug fixes..
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerGet things running
2014-02-10 Andy SpencerGet things running
2014-02-09 Andy SpencerFix whitespace error
2014-02-09 Andy SpencerAdd debug LED
2014-02-09 Andy SpencerUpdate main file add DMA code
2014-02-09 Andy SpencerPull changes from Yue
2014-02-04 Andy SpencerSupport Python 2.7 and GTK+2
2014-02-04 Andy SpencerSwitch to 921600 baud rate
2014-02-04 Andy SpencerWork on writing settings to devices
2014-02-04 Andy SpencerSave control options
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerFix mag and update rate limit
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate from Yue
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerFlush pending input data from device
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerAdd flush button
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerAdd Xively upload
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate settings
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerAdd test code and xively exmaple
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerSwitch to Python 3 and Gtk 3
2014-02-03 Andy SpencerRename xively to logger
2014-02-02 Andy SpencerSet fixed size labels
2014-02-02 Andy SpencerAdd device name
2014-02-02 Andy SpencerAdd serial interface
2014-02-02 Andy SpencerRename serial to device and clean up
2014-02-02 Andy SpencerAdd settings
2014-02-01 Andy SpencerAdd template UI
2014-02-01 Andy SpencerFix warning
2014-02-01 Andy SpencerAdd sensors code from Yue
2014-02-01 Andy SpencerUpdate makefiles
2014-01-31 Andy SpencerAdd initial hw1 stuff