2016-05-30 Jake WhiteleyPrevent app crash on Empty Send. master
2016-05-30 Jake WhiteleyUpdates for Android SDK 23.
2016-05-29 Jake WhiteleyUpdate gitignore for Android Studio
2016-05-29 Jake WhiteleyAdding a LICENSE file
2015-11-15 Andy SpencerFix .look bugs
2015-11-06 Andy SpencerShow turn in title bar
2015-11-06 Andy SpencerSetup game automatically
2015-11-06 Andy SpencerSuppress warnings
2015-11-06 Andy SpencerMove src to top level
2015-04-26 Andy SpencerPrevent crash with zero-length strings
2015-04-26 Andy SpencerAdd connect button
2015-03-27 Andy SpencerUpdate makefile
2014-10-27 Andy SpencerClear text windows before replaying log
2014-10-27 Andy SpencerUpdate makefile for version 20
2014-02-21 Andy SpencerRemove titlebar
2014-02-21 Andy SpencerAdd border around cards
2014-02-21 Andy SpencerFix texture loading with new Android
2014-02-21 Andy SpencerUpdate makefile for new Android SDKs
2013-12-11 Andy SpencerAdd /msg command
2013-12-11 Andy SpencerAdd aliases or /j and /p
2013-12-11 Andy SpencerClear logs on quit
2013-12-11 Andy SpencerFix bug were we can no longer control Task
2013-10-30 Andy SpencerUse unique colors for names
2013-10-30 Andy SpencerFix apkbuilder error
2013-04-27 Andy SpencerAdd connection timeout handling
2013-04-27 Andy SpencerSome more cleanup
2013-04-27 Andy SpencerMake parallel build work again
2013-04-27 Andy SpencerUpdate makefile for release build
2013-04-24 Andy SpencerFix null pointers and pile parsing
2013-04-24 Andy SpencerDisplay IRC colors in text view
2013-04-24 Andy SpencerAdd IRC color parsing
2013-04-24 Andy SpencerRefactor message code
2013-04-23 Andy SpencerImprove client modeing
2013-04-23 Andy SpencerChange Exit to Quit and return to home screen
2013-04-23 Andy SpencerUpdate preferences
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerAdd application icon
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerUpdate makefile rules
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerAdd cards display from IRC messages
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerAdd Spades class and tie things together
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerAdd /join and /part commands
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerRemove some debug messages
2013-04-22 Andy SpencerStore Task state so we can restart Main
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerDraw the pile of cards
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerSplit up drawing functions
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerAdd touch handler
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerUpdate graphics branch
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerDraw more cards and a table
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerReorder Cards methods
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerAdd initial perspective code
2013-04-21 Andy SpencerFull card texture loading plus some cleanup
2013-04-20 Andy SpencerAdd initial texture loading
2013-04-20 Andy SpencerAdd rules for card images
2013-04-15 Andy SpencerSplit out uninstall to save settings
2013-04-14 Andy SpencerAdd initial OpenGL example
2013-04-14 Andy SpencerClean up IRC formatting a little
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerInitial text formatting
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerUpdate preferences
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerAdd support for SASL PLAIN authentication
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerAdd settings menu
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerShow topic and current users
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerMove toasts to Main
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerUse connection status for menu
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerAdd nickname mangling
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerFix bug in logcat
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerImprove connection handling
2013-04-13 Andy SpencerAdd simple menu
2013-04-12 Andy SpencerAdd IRC Service and update UI
2013-04-07 Andy SpencerAdd initial IRC client
2013-04-07 Andy SpencerInitial import