2013-09-18 Andy SpencerAdd cube GtkGL example master
2013-03-10 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.8.1
2013-03-10 Andy SpencerRemove optional GLUT dependencies
2013-02-11 Andy SpencerAdd grits_object_destroy functions and fix memory leaks
2013-02-11 Andy SpencerUpdate depth buffer resolution
2013-01-28 Andy SpencerVersion 0.8 v0.8.x
2013-01-28 Andy SpencerAdd compat.h to dist
2013-01-23 Andy SpencerAdd motion threshold when clicking objects
2013-01-23 Andy SpencerAdd grits_http_abort function
2013-01-23 Andy SpencerFix queue_draw on grits_tiles
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerAdd support for GTK 3
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerUpdate depscan
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerConvert to GtkAllocation
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerChange GdkEventExpose to gpointer
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerRemove gdk threads
2013-01-20 Andy SpencerSwitch to GDK_KEY_*
2013-01-20 Andy SpencerMisc fixes
2013-01-20 Andy SpencerAdd split depth buffer for world/overlay
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerLock draw_queue id to prevent race conditions
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate mac integration
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerSet OpenGL resolution request for retina mbp
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate OpenGL widget positioning under OSX
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerFix crash on osx due to uninitialized pointer
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerFix bug in plugins unload
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerAdd thread safe grits_viewer_queue_draw function
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerMove threading out of tile update/gc functions
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerMove low level tile loading to GritsTile
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerMore reference counting updates
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerRemove some unused API cruft
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerFix race conditions
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerFix a variety of memory leaks
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerSet debug level for test rules
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerSwitch elevation plugin to thread pools
2012-12-20 Andy SpencerAdd X11 library for sync calls
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerMove tarball folder
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerChange website to
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerRemove a lot of callback from GritsOpenGL
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerFix crash while initializing OpenGL context
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerUpdate examples
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerQueue mouse events and process them during expose
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerRequest direct connection when setting up OpenGL
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerRemove deprecated thread functions
2012-05-23 Andy SpencerFix compile with glut
2012-05-23 Andy SpencerFix depth buffer glitches
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerStart work on info overlays
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerChange level storage from GTree to GQueue
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerUpdate compass plugin
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerUpdate GritsTest
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerFix end caps on GritsMarker
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerLimit rotation to -180 .. 180
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerAdd cursor support to GritsObject
2012-04-28 Andy SpencerAdd parameters and return values to GritsObject events
2012-04-14 Andy SpencerAdd compass rose
2012-04-14 Andy SpencerAdd support for picking on orthographic projections
2012-04-13 Andy SpencerMinor cleanup in GritsPoly
2012-04-13 Andy SpencerAdd depth buffer bits to info example
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerSwitch to explicit GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerMove glext.h to gtkgl.h
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerUse larger texture mask
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerAdd explicit gmodule dependency
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerSupport OpenGL extensions under Win32
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerCast gluTessCallbacks to void *
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerCheck the roam view before unprojecting
2012-02-15 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.7 v0.7.x v0.7
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerFix run-time warning when closing NULL dir
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerUse depth test for partial tile drawing
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerFix crash when unloading the root tile
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerImprove performance of GritsTile
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerRemove background env tile
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerFix memory leaks in tile loading
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerCast function pointers for gluTessCallback
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerReentrant dispose functions for sat and map
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerDelay load the textures for label markers
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerLoad tiles at a lower resolution
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerCheck for split on all child tiles
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerFix key-press in GritsTest
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerIncrease camera angle to 60 degrees
2012-02-09 Andy SpencerUpdate test plugin for level rendering changes
2012-02-09 Andy SpencerAdd ortho flag to GritsMarker
2012-02-09 Adam BoggsSupport pixmap icons in GritsMarker
2012-02-08 Andy SpencerCorrect FOV_DIST and MPPX calculations
2012-02-06 Andy SpencerAdd grits_viewer_unproject function
2012-02-06 Andy SpencerRewrite expose to preserve the depth buffer
2012-02-05 Andy SpencerAdd rate limit to auto-saving prefs
2012-02-04 Andy SpencerFix bugs in GritsTile
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerImprove rendering of non lat-lon tiles tms
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerUse multi-texturing for alpha masking in tex.c
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerUse glBlendFuncSeparate for alpha masking in tex.c
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerCleanup tex formatting and clear background first
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerSwitch map plugin to tile map service
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerAdd support for Mercator projections in tiles
2012-01-30 Andy SpencerAdd Tile Map Service downloading
2012-01-10 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.6.3
2012-01-10 Andy SpencerRemove object when test plugin unloads
2012-01-08 Andy SpencerFix clipping plane issues
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerFix test rules
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerCompute near/far clipping planes
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerRemove haze over the oceans
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerAdd GritsLine
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerMove polygon parsing into grits-util