2016-05-28 Andy SpencerAdd tag toggling toggle
2016-01-18 Andy SpencerFix multi-monitor fullscreen
2016-01-18 Andy SpencerFix xinerama query
2016-01-18 Andy SpencerImplement transient for
2016-01-18 Andy SpencerVarious icccm and ewmh properties
2015-04-22 Andy SpencerFix configure and raise
2015-04-22 Andy SpencerRename xcb windows to xcb
2015-04-20 Andy SpencerAdd residual tracking in wm-wmii
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerSupport struts
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerSplit up colors
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerFix configure request xcb
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerCleanup sys-xcb memory
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerCleanup config memory
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerShutdown gracefully
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerWork on memory cleanup
2015-04-19 Andy SpencerAdd WM_CLOSE client message
2015-04-17 Andy SpencerStart adding support for atoms
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd map and unmap handlers
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerInsert windows into WM immediately
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd simple client killing
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerSimplify generic on_event handler
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerStart on sys_show
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd focus and enter events
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd window borders
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd input focus
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd key and mouse events
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerUse xcb-util
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd more checks and cleanup xcb wrappers
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerQuery all xinerama screens
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerQuery root window geometry
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerCapture initial windows
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAdd XCB window mapping
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerSplit x11 into xlib and xcb systems
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerAllow adding hidden windows
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerRemove root window tracking
2015-04-15 Andy SpencerMove common types to a separate file
2015-04-07 Andy SpencerChange win32 compiler
2015-04-06 Andy SpencerRemove border width for toolbars
2015-04-06 Andy SpencerMake monocule wm_mono.c:wm_show() static
2014-06-10 Andy SpencerAdd desktop files master
2013-04-07 Andy SpencerAdd monocule window manager
2013-04-07 Andy SpencerFix closing focused window
2013-02-11 Andy SpencerMisc wmii updates
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerSupport show/hide for windows
2012-12-24 Andy SpencerAdd maximize mode
2012-09-05 Andy SpencerRewrite X11 sys_show function
2012-09-05 Andy SpencerFix closing windows
2012-09-03 Andy SpencerVersion 0.1-rc1
2012-09-02 Andy SpencerChange default mingw32 to Arch version
2012-09-02 Andy SpencerFix some bugs in shading..
2012-09-02 Andy SpencerFix fullscreen for flash videos
2012-09-02 Andy SpencerImprove debug output
2012-08-11 Andy SpencerRemove some excess debugging
2012-08-11 Andy SpencerMove init and destroy code to win_{new,free}
2012-08-11 Andy SpencerAdd TYPE_TOOLBAR instead of hiding them in sys
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerFix build error in wm-tags
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerConfigure window when set to stack mode
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerUpdate debug messages
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerUse consistent case in man page
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerAllow shift-modkey-mouse1 for resizing
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerSwitch tags to strings instead of ints
2012-07-09 Andy SpencerFix deprecated warning XKeycodeToKeysym warning
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerUpdate man page
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerFix 64-bit bugs with struts
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerFix showing struts
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerAdd support for dialogs and transient windows
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerMore fullscreen update
2012-06-20 Andy SpencerUpdate fullscreen support
2012-06-18 Andy SpencerGet rid of undefine..
2012-06-14 Andy SpencerAdd wm_handle_state functiton
2012-06-14 Andy Spencersplit full into full/max
2012-06-13 Andy SpencerAllows selecting text in certain GTK+ programs
2012-06-13 Andy SpencerRename mode_t to layout_t
2012-06-13 Andy SpencerGet rid of sys->state and fix double mapping
2012-06-13 Andy SpencerTry, and fail, to handle delete correctly
2012-06-13 Andy Spencermostly dbugging messages
2012-06-13 Andy SpencerAdd win_msg function
2012-06-09 Andy SpencerAdd fullscreen support
2012-06-09 Andy SpencerCleanup output messages
2012-06-09 Andy SpencerFix some window flashing on X11
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerUpdate README
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright dates
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerUpdate makefiles
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerUpdate man page
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerMap windows for other non hidden states
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerResend mouse events instead of toggling grabs
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerKeep struts on top
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerAdd window-close function
2012-06-03 Andy SpencerUpdate naming conventions
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerRevert window activate handling
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerAdd auto-focus for primary monitor
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerUpdate Win32 ShlProc
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerUse stack config variable in sys-win32
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerProperly sort monitors left->right
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerTry to improve focus speed
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerUse st_shade state instead of minimizing windows
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerMove state to win_t
2011-10-26 Andy SpencerWin32 updates
2011-10-10 Andy SpencerAdd signal handlers
2011-10-10 Andy SpencerFix bugs in wm-tags