AWeather 0.8 released:
  • Adds a compass rose to show (and reset) view rotations
  • Make radar labels clickable
  • Many performance and stability improvements
New Website!
  • The Rose-Hulman Linux Users Group website has been unavailable for some time so we have moved on to a new and hopefully more stable server. A mirror of the old RHLUG website is available at
  • Due to the move, some of the site infrastructure such as bug tracer and the development wiki are unavailable
  • These issues should be resolved shortly
New Mailing list!
AWeather 0.7 released:
  • Added a GPS plugin using GPSd
    • Written by Adam Boggs and based on the BrainStorm storm chasing tool
    • Linux only, or maybe Mac or Windows if you're very very brave
  • Detailed (but opaque) maps in the map plugin
  • Automatically save window size and position
  • Add toggle buttons for county-based and storm-based alerts
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, including some long-standing rendering artifacts
AWeather 0.6.3 released:
  • Added support for Mac OS X
  • Added an much improved User Guide, written by Jason Holmes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
(p.s. AWeather 0.6.2 doesn't exist, you never heard of it, and neither have I)
AWeather 0.6.1 released:
  • Added a Radar menu to quickly jump to a NEXRAD/WSR-88D site
  • Fixed a bunch of 64-bit bugs
AWeather 0.6 released:
  • Added "Alerts" plugin using the NWS CAP feed
  • Updated GTK+ libraries for Windows
  • Behind the scenes, mouse support in Grits has been much improved
This release was a little bit faster than previous releases. Hopefully additional improvements to the alerts plugin can be made incrementally during the 0.x.x releases.
AWeather 0.5.2 released:
  • Added new desktop icons
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Improved organization of the Wiki
AWeather 0.5.1 released:
  • Bugfix release
  • Updated sat/map/elev to provide better data
  • First release with Debian, and Ubuntu packages

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