2013-08-14 Andy SpencerAdd timestamp checking master
2013-08-14 Andy SpencerUpdate mkgallery script
2013-08-06 Andy SpencerConvert to plain old make
2013-08-06 Andy SpencerFix build errors
2012-12-24 Andy SpencerMisc updates
2012-12-24 Andy SpencerUpdate gallery
2012-12-24 Andy SpencerI forget what these changes do
2010-01-16 Andy SpencerUpdate knots
2010-01-16 Andy SpencerMemory fixes
2010-01-12 Andy SpencerUse dynamic memory, fix CSS for tables
2010-01-12 Andy SpencerAdd knot
2009-11-25 Andy SpencerAdd support for output files
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerAdd escaping printf specifier
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerFix bugs
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerFix gchar * warning
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerAdd C/Bison/Lex ct parser
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerAdd htaccess, remove debugging
2009-11-22 Andy SpencerAdd old version of gallery using php
2009-11-21 Andy SpencerAdding gallery and reorganizing
2009-11-21 Andy SpencerInitial import