2013-01-28 Andy SpencerMisc mac updates master
2013-01-28 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.8 gtk3
2013-01-28 Andy SpencerMisc win32 updates, add suse builds
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate mac build files for Gtk 3
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate for gentoo and Gtk 3
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerUpdate OS X build
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerFix cppflags for mac build
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerWin32 updates
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerUpdate for 0.7 and gps plugin
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerMac OS debugging, update gen rules
2011-12-29 Andy SpencerInitial import