2011-10-05 Andy SpencerSupport graceful shutdown
2011-10-05 Andy SpencerRun through valgrind (fix memory leaks)
2011-10-03 Andy SpencerMisc updates
2011-10-02 Andy SpencerMouse support is still buggy
2011-10-02 Andy SpencerSwitch to ISC license
2011-10-02 Andy SpencerAdd floating layer
2011-10-02 Andy SpencerAdd config.mk
2011-10-01 Andy SpencerAdd man page
2011-09-30 Andy SpencerAdd readme and license file
2011-09-30 Andy SpencerNote sure when that got added..
2011-09-30 Andy SpencerFix bouncing in stack mode
2011-09-30 Andy SpencerImprove sys_focus on win32
2011-09-29 Andy SpencerFake clicking on title bars in stack mode
2011-09-29 Andy SpencerTighten margins in stacking mode
2011-09-29 Andy SpencerPrevent right click menu when resizing
2011-09-29 Andy SpencerCleanup and lots of commenting
2011-09-29 Andy SpencerRename to wmpus
2011-09-28 Andy SpencerFix struts with multi-monitors
2011-09-28 Andy SpencerMake settings configurable
2011-09-28 Andy SpencerRe-add mouse support on win32, fix bugs
2011-09-28 Andy SpencerFix bugs with tag switching
2011-09-26 Andy SpencerFix compiler warnings
2011-09-26 Andy SpencerAdd Win32 support for tags and multiple monitors
2011-09-26 Andy SpencerAdd support for tags (i.e. multiple desktops)
2011-09-26 Andy SpencerAdd multi-monitor support to wm-wmii
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerAdd initial Xinerama support
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerAdd support for windows being in multiple tags
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerAdd structure for tags and displays
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerFix get_next
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerUpdate win32 support
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerFormatting and debugging updates
2011-09-19 Andy SpencerAdd circular focus shifting
2011-09-19 Andy SpencerImplement quadrant based resizing
2011-09-19 Andy SpencerAdd border to focused window
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerOnly grab mouse click on unfocused windows
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerAdd split (default), stack, and maximized modes
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerTry to fix resizing for things like urxvtd
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerForce WM requested size for configure requests
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerAdd support for _NEW_WM_STRUT
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerReset focus after focus change event
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerUse focus for new windows
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerUse focus when moving windows
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerFix margins, add some focus
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerAdd margin
2011-09-18 Andy SpencerFix some errors
2011-09-17 Andy SpencerFix list_insert
2011-09-17 Andy SpencerFix key type, add LIB= for win32 build
2011-09-17 Andy SpencerFix root window mask, change modkey
2011-09-16 Andy SpencerBetter tiling support
2011-09-16 Andy SpencerX11 updates
2011-05-22 Andy SpencerImplement keyboard focus/window movement
2011-05-22 Andy SpencerImprove window management
2011-05-19 Andy SpencerPlaying with focus
2011-05-19 Andy SpencerX11 Bug fixes
2011-05-19 Andy SpencerInitial code for win32
2011-05-14 Andy SpencerInitial code for x11/wmii
2011-05-14 Andy SpencerInitial file structure