2016-12-04 Andy SpencerAdd getty daemon master
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerUpdate kexec rules
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerAdd cupsd service
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerUpdate default
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerAdd mdadm and smart monitoring
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerAdd jabberd service
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerFix apache2 reclipe
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerAdd some more deps for cron and munged
2013-08-28 Andy SpencerRemove mtab line (use symlink instead)
2013-03-18 Andy SpencerMisc service updates
2013-03-18 Andy SpencerMisc updates
2012-03-08 Andy SpencerAdd gpsd/tftp, update qingy/getty
2012-03-08 Andy SpencerAdd munged/diod/mdadm, fix bitlbee/exim
2011-07-27 Andy SpencerUpdate default config
2011-07-27 Andy SpencerUpdate default config
2011-07-27 Andy SpencerMisc updates
2011-07-27 Andy SpencerMisc updates
2011-03-23 Andy SpencerMisc mkinit updates, notably removing udev
2011-03-23 Andy SpencerUpdate mkinit
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerForgot to add new
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerRefactor (init services)^.mk
2010-01-30 Andy Spenceradd csv
2009-12-26 Andy Spencermkinit - adding apache2, and server runlevel
2009-12-20 Andy Spenceradd spamassassin
2009-10-20 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-10-16 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-10-16 Andy Spencerrcifying things, (rc version of mkinit is broken)
2009-10-16 Andy Spencerformatting
2009-10-15 Andy Spencerdbus
2009-10-15 Andy Spencerfixing file descriptor errors, and respawn the listener...
2009-10-15 Andy SpencerLots of work on mkinit
2009-10-14 Andy Spencermkinit
2009-10-13 Andy Spenceradding warning..
2009-10-13 Andy SpencerAdding initial import of mkinit