2013-04-03 Andy SpencerRename CC variable to GCC
2013-04-03 Andy SpencerUse icalproperty_get_value_as_string_r
2012-10-22 Andy SpencerAdd dist stuff
2012-10-22 Andy SpencerAdd some special formatting
2012-10-22 Andy SpencerBug fixes
2012-10-22 Andy SpencerAdd ical todos
2012-10-22 Andy SpencerAdd todo view
2012-10-21 Andy SpencerRename stuff
2012-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd events view
2012-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd box packing to day view
2012-10-14 Andy SpencerMove drawing code to screen.c, work on day view
2012-10-14 Andy SpencerFix month draw bug
2012-10-14 Andy SpencerAdd events to year view
2012-10-14 Andy SpencerAdd full boxes
2012-10-14 Andy SpencerAdd month view
2012-10-13 Andy SpencerAdd size function, update ical/week
2012-10-12 Andy SpencerWorking iCalendar parsing
2012-10-12 Andy SpencerStart on iCalendar support
2012-10-12 Andy SpencerSome organization
2012-10-12 Andy SpencerStart on events and calendars
2012-10-06 Andy SpencerMore interactive views
2012-10-06 Andy SpencerFix month drawing
2012-10-06 Andy SpencerMake month view interactive
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerFix resize
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerFix divider click bug
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerFix makefile bugs
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerFix some time keeping bugs
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerRename
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerAdd copyright
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerMove stuff around
2012-10-05 Andy SpencerAdd day and week view
2012-10-04 Andy SpencerAdd year view
2012-10-04 Andy SpencerAdd utils, tests, and month view
2012-09-30 Andy SpencerStart using windows and views
2012-09-29 Andy SpencerAdd some mouse support
2012-09-29 Andy SpencerAdd basic screen layout stuff
2012-09-29 Andy SpencerAdd template files
2012-09-29 Andy SpencerUI prototyping