descriptionncurses based calendar
last changeSun, 11 Jun 2017 02:32:18 +0000 (02:32 +0000)
2017-06-11 Andy SpencerAdd simple notification daemon mode master
2017-06-11 Andy SpencerRefactor main and add print mode
2016-12-05 Andy SpencerMove CPPFLAGS to object specific CFLAGS
2016-12-05 Andy SpencerImprove event display formatting
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerUnderline todo view hotkeys
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerAuto select the first event from calendar
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerAdd support for timezones
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerAdd calendar command line flags
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerAdd day and week output flags
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerAdd args and usage output
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerRemove compact hotkey to avoid conflicts
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerMove e key to views
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerMove main loop and curses init to view
2016-11-28 Andy SpencerImprove calendar debugging
2016-11-22 Andy SpencerSupport one-time events
2015-01-14 Andy SpencerFix date and ical test cases
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