2009-06-29 Andy Spencerrelease files v0.1
2009-06-29 Andy Spencercleanup
2009-06-29 Andy SpencerDownload progress bars
2009-06-27 Andy Spencer* Removing glade (pure gtk-builder)
2009-05-29 Andy Spencerdebugging
2009-05-29 Andy SpencerReplacing GFile/GIO with libsoup
2009-05-28 Andy Spencercompiler fixes
2009-05-26 Andy Spencerdestructors, still need to free data in plugins though
2009-05-25 Andy Spencerpointer motion
2009-05-25 Andy SpencerArrows/+/- only apply to drawing area
2009-05-25 Andy Spencerloading message
2009-05-25 Andy Spencer* Fixing some async issue (w/ gthread_init)
2009-05-24 Andy Spencercleaning up plugins (getting rid of old_{self,gui})
2009-05-24 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-05-24 Andy Spencerremoving sections for gtk-doc
2009-05-24 Andy Spencergtk-doc
2009-05-24 Andy SpencerConverting Ridge and Radar plugins to use GObject
2009-05-24 Andy SpencerExample plugin in GObject plugin format
2009-05-24 Andy Spenceradding zooming
2009-05-23 Andy Spencermoving roadplan to todo
2009-05-17 Andy Spencerand again
2009-05-17 Andy Spencerfixing doc files, i should find a better way to do...
2009-05-17 Andy Spencerapparently I forgot to add glade files
2009-05-17 Andy Spencertabular radar tab
2009-05-16 Andy Spencer* Road plan (HACKING)
2009-05-15 Andy Spenceradding rsl ebuild, gtk suppressions for valgrind
2009-05-15 Andy Spencerfixing more memory leaks
2009-05-14 Andy Spencerpretty
2009-05-14 Andy Spencer* Fixing some memory leaks. A few minor ones in AWeathe...
2009-05-13 Andy Spencerbetter color maps
2009-05-13 Andy Spenceradding own colormap
2009-05-13 Andy Spenceradding some RSL patches, and support for velocity/spect...
2009-05-11 Andy SpencerAdding copyright statements and a few bug fixes (hacks...
2009-05-10 Andy Spencerminor fixes
2009-05-10 Andy Spencersite and time selection for both ridge and radar
2009-05-10 Andy Spencersite changing works
2009-05-10 Andy Spencersome site-switching code
2009-05-09 Andy SpencerConverting a lot of stuff to GObject and adding gtk...
2009-05-09 Andy Spenceradding GUI for sites and times
2009-05-08 Andy Spencerswitching to glade
2009-05-08 Andy Spencerrenaming to plugins
2009-05-07 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-05-06 Andy Spencerpushing more things
2009-05-06 Andy Spencertrying to get z-ordering working
2009-05-06 Andy Spencerconstant scale for perspective
2009-05-06 Andy Spencerperspective + ridge
2009-05-04 Andy Spenceradding initial ridge overlay code, swiching from cubes...
2009-05-03 Andy SpencerFinally getting stuff to work again, NEXRAD Level II...
2009-05-02 Andy Spencerfixing warnings
2009-05-02 Andy Spencercleaning up files
2008-06-24 Andy Spencergot levels working, plus faster
2008-06-22 Andy SpencerWhooo, radar displays! (but it's really slow ):
2008-06-22 Andy Spencerbetter modularity, initial support for RSL
2008-06-22 Andy SpencerAdding tab area at the bottom for configuration
2008-06-10 Andy Spencerbetter
2008-06-09 Andy Spencerinit function, level-2 parseing template
2008-06-07 Andy Spencerpropsets
2008-06-07 Andy SpencerOpenGL Hello World
2008-06-07 Andy SpencerGtk Hello World
2008-06-07 Andy Spencerhello world
2008-06-05 Andy Spencersturcture/basic readme