2012-01-10 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.6.3
2012-01-10 Andy SpencerRemove object when test plugin unloads
2012-01-08 Andy SpencerFix clipping plane issues
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerFix test rules
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerCompute near/far clipping planes
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerRemove haze over the oceans
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerAdd GritsLine
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerMove polygon parsing into grits-util
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerUpdate plugins folder symlink
2012-01-03 Andy SpencerIgnore local
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerMove build scripts to separate repository
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerImprove support for relative search paths
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerAdd support for Mac OS
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerCleanup OpenGL example and add Mac OS support
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerUpdate windowing system tests
2011-12-12 Andy SpencerMove OpenGL includes to a common place
2011-12-11 Andy SpencerUpdate teapot example
2011-11-30 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.6.2 v0.6.2
2011-11-30 Andy SpencerFix grits-demo linking on 64-bit
2011-11-25 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2011-11-25 Andy SpencerFix off-by-one error
2011-11-25 Andy SpencerFix more warnings
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerFix 64-bit warnings
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerFix extra mouse-over bug
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerMake picking 64-bit compatible
2011-11-10 Andy SpencerUse correct resolution tiles when zooming out
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.6 v0.6.x v0.6
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerFix warning if with non-existent cache paths
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerUpdate dolt
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerUse -no-undefined for win32 builds
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright notices
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerUpdate some documentation
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerAdd alert plugin to grits-test
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerUse rounded corners for GritsPoly
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerFix memory leaks
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerPass objects to grits_viewer_remove instead of refs
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerSave prefs after changes
2011-10-17 Andy SpencerImprove performance of GritsPoly
2011-10-17 Andy SpencerFix typo
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd clicked signal to GritsObject
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd mouse-over testing to test plugin
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd mouse, keyboard, and motion events to GritsObject
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd mouse enter/leave signals to objects
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerCleanup GritsPoly
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerRemove excess debug messages
2011-10-12 Andy SpencerAdd string parser to GritsPoly
2011-10-12 Andy SpencerAdd configurable borders to GritsPoly
2011-10-11 Andy SpencerFix crash when unable to cache http files
2011-09-12 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.5.2 v0.5.2
2011-09-09 Andy SpencerRemove no-undefined-symbols from
2011-09-09 Andy SpencerAdd linker flag for the math library
2011-09-09 Andy SpencerFix compiler warning with gluTessCallback
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerAdd glut config check v0.5.1
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.5.1
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerFix linker flags
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerAbort when opengl setup fails
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerAdd timeout for http servers
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerSwitch to higher resolution elevation dataset
2011-07-30 Andy SpencerSpeed up movement when at low elevation
2011-07-02 Andy SpencerUpdate map URL and layers
2011-07-02 Andy SpencerAdd reset locale when formatting certain strings
2011-06-18 Andy SpencerVersion bump for 0.5 v0.5.x v0.5
2011-06-18 Andy SpencerAdd GL bindings example program
2011-06-18 Andy SpencerAdd some stubbed code for Mac OS support
2011-06-18 Andy SpencerChange binaries to shared objects
2011-06-08 Andy SpencerUse only shared libs on win32
2011-06-07 Andy SpencerVersion bump to 0.5-p0
2011-06-07 Andy SpencerSwitch from GtkGLExt to internal OpenGL handling
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerUse -shared for plugins
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerMisc http fixes
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerSwitch map and sat plugins to using thread pools
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerImprove shutdown code
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerUpdate valgrind suppressions
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerRemove old TODO items
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerAdd hidden method for object
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerTighten up locking to allow for nested objects
2011-02-14 Andy SpencerFix caching bugs with some http servers
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd GritsPoly for drawing sets of polygons
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd volume testing code
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd GritsTester for debugging GritsObjects
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd GritsVolume for 3D volume rendering
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd convex tessellation example
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd interpolation example
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerCleanup examples organization
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerUpdate grits-test
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerAllow disabling operations in grits_object_draw
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerAdd grits_object_queue_draw function
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerStore GritsViewer references in GritsObjects
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerFix bugs in GritsPlugins
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerMisc formatting updates
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerUse common vector operations for ROAM
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerAdd vector operations to utilities
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerDelete OpenGL textures in grits_marker_finalize
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerAdd debugging to GritsCallback
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerDraw plugins in wireframe mode as well
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerLower contrast on global texture parameters
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update doap
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update functions/types/etc
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update non-technical references
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Fix build after rename