2010-02-08 Andy SpencerAdd DOLT to make compiling go faster
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerRemove pan message
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPluginTest
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPluginSat
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPluginMap
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPluginEnv
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPluginElev
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisTile
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisCallback
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisMarker
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisObject
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisWms
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisHttp
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisData
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument ROAM
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GPQueue
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPlugin
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument gis-util
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisPrefs
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisOpenGL
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerDocument GisViewer
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerMiscellaneous updates, mostly aesthetic
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerReplace ugly macros with ugly boilerplate
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerAdd man page for gis-demo
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerConvert self to real names
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerSort of fix panning when rotated
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerForce WMS to only update once
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerUpdate todo with some implementation ideas
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerFix SRTM url
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerAdd mouse support
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerMisc pointer fixes
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerGisTile: use g_object_unref instead of g_free
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerDebugging and memory checking
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerFix various memory leaks, mostly in plugins
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerGisViewer: Improve add/remove functions
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerGisViewer: remove begin/end functions
2010-02-06 Andy Spencergis-demo: fix memory issues, cleanup
2010-02-06 Andy Spencer[Re]add gis-test
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerAdd better suppressions file
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerConvert GisWms to use GisHttp
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerSplit gis-data into data and http parts
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerUpdate docs
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerMove data access to a subdirectory
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerFix one more include folder
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerFix include folders
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerSplit gis-object.{c,h} -> gis-{object,marker,callback...
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerMove objects to a subdirectory
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate API docs
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerConvert GisTile to GisObject
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerConvert GisObject to GObject
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerBetter error checking for elev and sat plugins
2010-02-03 Andy Spencermap: colormap for cities and linear texture filtering
2010-02-03 Andy Spencergis-demo: avoid double-loading plugins
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO with data items
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerAdd color mapping to map plugin
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerAdd blank background color to env
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerImprove gis-demo
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerMove around a lot of preferences management
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename tile_test to tile-test
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename gis_test to gis-demo
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename SRTM to Elev
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename BMNG to Sat
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and email address
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerFix null pointer dereference
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerReorder some sources
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerAdding map plugin using OpenStreetMap data
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUse G_PI instead of M_PI
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerMove wms_test to tile_test
2010-01-26 Andy SpencerUse argv for loading plugins with gis_test
2010-01-26 Andy SpencerStub out an environment plugin.
2010-01-26 Andy SpencerUse glAlphaFunc for transparency for now
2010-01-26 Andy SpencerFix rendering at the poles
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerCleanup memory on exit
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerHandle broken images gracefully
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerLock the sphere when working with volatile triangles
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerMinor debugging, precision, and performance updates
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerFix holes in the earth
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerFix wireframe mode
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdd gis-object to doc index
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate teapot example with callback object
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdd gis-object.h to includes dist
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerMisc OpenGL refactoring and minor updates
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerRemove site from GisViewer
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerConvert for expose callback to callback objects
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerRemove properties from gis-viewer
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdd NEVER update for gis-data
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerRemoving unnecessary things from gis-object
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate sorting example to use a shader (broken)
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate sorting example with textures (broken)
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdding OpenGL shader (GLSL) example
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerDebugging and code formatting
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerTemplate for tessellation example, currently broke
2010-01-22 Andy SpencerAdd polygon sorting to sorting example
2010-01-22 Andy SpencerTemplate for sorting example, currently broken
2009-12-19 Andy SpencerConvert from xyz to lle as the main roam coordinates
2009-11-15 Andy SpencerMarkers as individual textures
2009-11-15 Andy SpencerAdd support for GisMarker to Gis{Viewer,OpenGL}
2009-11-14 Andy SpencerUpdate example plugin