Add support for GTK 3
[grits] / src / gtkgl.c
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerAdd support for GTK 3
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerSet OpenGL resolution request for retina mbp
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate OpenGL widget positioning under OSX
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerFix a variety of memory leaks
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerFix crash while initializing OpenGL context
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerRequest direct connection when setting up OpenGL
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerSupport OpenGL extensions under Win32
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerAdd support for Mac OS
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerUpdate windowing system tests
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright notices
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerAbort when opengl setup fails
2011-06-18 Andy SpencerAdd some stubbed code for Mac OS support
2011-06-07 Andy SpencerSwitch from GtkGLExt to internal OpenGL handling