Add support for GTK 3
[grits] / src / grits-opengl.c
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerAdd support for GTK 3
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerConvert to GtkAllocation
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerChange GdkEventExpose to gpointer
2013-01-20 Andy SpencerSwitch to GDK_KEY_*
2013-01-20 Andy SpencerAdd split depth buffer for world/overlay
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerAdd thread safe grits_viewer_queue_draw function
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerMove threading out of tile update/gc functions
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerMore reference counting updates
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerRemove some unused API cruft
2012-12-26 Andy SpencerFix a variety of memory leaks
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerRemove a lot of callback from GritsOpenGL
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerQueue mouse events and process them during expose
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerRemove deprecated thread functions
2012-05-23 Andy SpencerFix depth buffer glitches
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerChange level storage from GTree to GQueue
2012-04-29 Andy SpencerAdd cursor support to GritsObject
2012-04-28 Andy SpencerAdd parameters and return values to GritsObject events
2012-04-14 Andy SpencerAdd support for picking on orthographic projections
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerCheck the roam view before unprojecting
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerIncrease camera angle to 60 degrees
2012-02-08 Andy SpencerCorrect FOV_DIST and MPPX calculations
2012-02-06 Andy SpencerAdd grits_viewer_unproject function
2012-02-06 Andy SpencerRewrite expose to preserve the depth buffer
2012-01-08 Andy SpencerFix clipping plane issues
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerCompute near/far clipping planes
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerAdd support for Mac OS
2011-12-12 Andy SpencerMove OpenGL includes to a common place
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerFix 64-bit warnings
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerMake picking 64-bit compatible
2011-10-31 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright notices
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerPass objects to grits_viewer_remove instead of refs
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd mouse, keyboard, and motion events to GritsObject
2011-10-15 Andy SpencerAdd mouse enter/leave signals to objects
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerSwitch to higher resolution elevation dataset
2011-06-07 Andy SpencerSwitch from GtkGLExt to internal OpenGL handling
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerTighten up locking to allow for nested objects
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerDraw plugins in wireframe mode as well
2011-01-22 Andy SpencerLower contrast on global texture parameters
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update functions/types/etc
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update non-technical references
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Fix build after rename
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Rename files