Add locking when modifying for viewer object lists
[grits] / src / gis-opengl.h
2010-04-19 Andy SpencerAdd locking when modifying for viewer object lists
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerDebugging and memory checking
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerMove around a lot of preferences management
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and email address
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerLock the sphere when working with volatile triangles
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerConvert for expose callback to callback objects
2009-11-15 Andy SpencerMarkers as individual textures
2009-11-15 Andy SpencerAdd support for GisMarker to Gis{Viewer,OpenGL}
2009-11-14 Andy SpencerRefactor GisViewer and GisOpenGL
2009-11-14 Andy SpencerFix naming for the GisView/GisWorld -> GisViewer merge
2009-11-13 Andy SpencerAdd preliminary support for points/markers
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerGet example plugin working again
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerFix misc bugs and bump version to 0.3 v0.3
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerAdd Shuttle Radar Topography Mission plugin and height...
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerAdd Blue Marble Next Gen plugin and tile rendering...
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerRemove legacy WMS and disable wms_test
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerSimple updates to rendering code
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerMiscellaneous updates
2009-10-30 Andy SpencerReorganize BMNG and SRTM into plugins
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerSplitting out libgis
2009-08-06 Andy SpencerSplitting GIS into a shared library, and a lot more
2009-08-04 Andy SpencerRefactoring a lot of things. Taking all the opengl...