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2010-02-08 Andy SpencerMiscellaneous updates, mostly aesthetic
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerConvert self to real names
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and email address
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate teapot example with callback object
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate sorting example to use a shader (broken)
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate sorting example with textures (broken)
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdding OpenGL shader (GLSL) example
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerDebugging and code formatting
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerTemplate for tessellation example, currently broke
2010-01-22 Andy SpencerAdd polygon sorting to sorting example
2010-01-22 Andy SpencerTemplate for sorting example, currently broken
2009-11-14 Andy SpencerUpdate example plugin
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerGet example plugin working again
2009-10-30 Andy SpencerReorganize BMNG and SRTM into plugins
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerMoving examples out of src to make gtk-doc happy