Adding gitignores
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2009-09-02 Andy SpencerAdding gitignores
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerLots of work on libGIS
2009-08-09 Andy Spencermaking settings work better
2009-08-07 Andy Spenceradding default settings
2009-08-06 Andy Spencerimproving dialog box handling
2009-08-05 Andy SpencerAdding a prefs dialog (which needs a lot more work)
2009-08-04 Andy Spencerforgot glade file
2009-06-27 Andy Spencer* Removing glade (pure gtk-builder)
2009-05-26 Andy Spencerdestructors, still need to free data in plugins though
2009-05-25 Andy Spencerpointer motion
2009-05-25 Andy SpencerArrows/+/- only apply to drawing area
2009-05-25 Andy Spencer* Fixing some async issue (w/ gthread_init)
2009-05-24 Andy Spenceradding zooming
2009-05-17 Andy Spencerapparently I forgot to add glade files