Add DOLT to make compiling go faster
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2010-02-08 Andy SpencerAdd DOLT to make compiling go faster
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerMove data access to a subdirectory
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerMove objects to a subdirectory
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and email address
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerWin32 build fixes
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerFix misc bugs and bump version to 0.3 v0.3
2009-10-30 Andy SpencerReorganize BMNG and SRTM into plugins
2009-10-26 Andy SpencerVersion bump, check for libgis version
2009-10-25 Andy SpencerMove in-place includes
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerSplitting out libgis
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerFix compiling plugins
2009-10-23 Andy Spencerold stuff
2009-09-09 Andy SpencerCheck for RSL in
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerLots of work on libGIS
2009-08-07 Andy Spencerpackaging fixes v0.2.1
2009-08-06 Andy Spencerbetter support for external plugins
2009-08-06 Andy SpencerAWeather 0.2: v0.2
2009-08-06 Andy Spencerautotools broke itself..
2009-08-06 Andy SpencerSplitting GIS into a shared library, and a lot more
2009-08-05 Andy SpencerAdding a prefs dialog (which needs a lot more work)
2009-07-16 Andy SpencerRemoving remaining GVFS dependencies.
2009-05-29 Andy Spencerdebugging
2009-05-29 Andy SpencerReplacing GFile/GIO with libsoup
2009-05-28 Andy Spencercompiler fixes
2009-05-25 Andy Spencer* Fixing some async issue (w/ gthread_init)
2009-05-16 Andy Spencer* Road plan (HACKING)
2009-05-11 Andy SpencerAdding copyright statements and a few bug fixes (hacks...
2009-05-09 Andy SpencerConverting a lot of stuff to GObject and adding gtk...
2009-05-08 Andy Spencerswitching to glade
2009-05-06 Andy Spencerperspective + ridge
2009-05-02 Andy Spencercleaning up files
2008-06-07 Andy SpencerGtk Hello World
2008-06-07 Andy Spencerhello world