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[grits] / TODO
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerUpdate todo with some implementation ideas
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerAdd mouse support
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerMisc pointer fixes
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO with data items
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerAdd color mapping to map plugin
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerImprove gis-demo
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename gis_test to gis-demo
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename SRTM to Elev
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerRename BMNG to Sat
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerNone code changes: TODO, Makefile, vimrc
2009-10-30 Andy SpencerReorganize BMNG and SRTM into plugins
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerSplitting out libgis
2009-10-23 Andy Spencerold stuff
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerLots of work on libGIS
2009-08-06 Andy SpencerSplitting GIS into a shared library, and a lot more
2009-07-19 Andy Spencerfixing bug with changing sites on remap
2009-06-29 Andy Spencercleanup
2009-06-29 Andy SpencerDownload progress bars
2009-05-29 Andy Spencerdebugging
2009-05-26 Andy Spencerdestructors, still need to free data in plugins though
2009-05-25 Andy Spencer* Fixing some async issue (w/ gthread_init)
2009-05-24 Andy Spencercleaning up plugins (getting rid of old_{self,gui})
2009-05-24 Andy SpencerConverting Ridge and Radar plugins to use GObject
2009-05-23 Andy Spencermoving roadplan to todo
2009-05-11 Andy SpencerAdding copyright statements and a few bug fixes (hacks...
2009-05-07 Andy Spencer(no commit message)