2011-01-24 Andy SpencerAdd warning/watch/alert plugin alert
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerMisc Grits/formatting updates
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerUse correct datatype for elev
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerFix off-by-one-half calculating ray distances
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerCenter level2 objects via GritsObject instead of manually
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerSupport setting an initial time with -t
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerFix bug setting xalign in preferences
2010-11-28 Andy SpencerAdd manpage for wsr88ddec
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update everything
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerUse/update reflectivity colormap
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerUpdate for libgis changes
2010-05-26 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2010-05-18 Andy SpencerProperly set DST flag when using mktime v0.4.1
2010-05-18 Andy SpencerAdd "Clean Cache" feature
2010-05-16 Andy SpencerGo back to depending on libgis-$VERSION
2010-05-16 Andy Spencer(Re)Add a workaround for tab positions on Win32
2010-05-16 Andy SpencerAdd better debugging support on Windows
2010-05-16 Andy SpencerAdd shebangs to build scripts
2010-05-16 Kevin RisdenAdded ubuntu build scripts
2010-05-12 Andy SpencerVersion 0.4 v0.4
2010-05-12 Andy SpencerUse power of two textures for level2 sweeps
2010-05-10 Andy SpencerVersion bump to -p1
2010-05-10 Andy SpencerAdd some files dist tarballs
2010-05-10 Andy SpencerTurn on -Wunused
2010-05-06 Andy SpencerAdd check when loading Conus pixbuf
2010-05-06 Andy SpencerVersion bump to 0.4-p0
2010-05-06 Andy SpencerConvert time selector to GtkTreeView
2010-05-06 Andy SpencerFix Win32 threading bug
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerUse xdg-open for win32
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerFix pointer/loading bugs in RadarSite hiding
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerFix Conus double-loading crash
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerToggle radar tabs instead of close
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerFix default browser
2010-05-05 Andy SpencerAdd user documentations
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerTODO updates
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO and gitignore
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerMove radar tab back to left
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerMove gdk_pixbuf calls to main thread
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerRemove default site
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerSplitting textures and using POT
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerPre-load GObjects for GtkBuilder
2010-05-03 Andy SpencerTouch build directory to force updating exes
2010-05-02 Andy SpencerConvert AWeatherGui to a GtkBuildable
2010-05-02 Andy SpencerWin32 fixes and improvements
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerMiscellaneous bug fixes
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerUpdate TODO
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerWin32 port (and gnulib)
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerMinor stylistic fixes
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerAdd Conus tile to radar plugin
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerSupport for multiple radar sites
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerImprove high-level threading
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerImprove date-time support
2010-05-01 Andy SpencerSubjectively adding LODs to cities
2010-02-15 Andy SpencerRemove deprecated site/time stuff
2010-02-13 Andy SpencerSwitch from imagemagick to rsvg
2010-02-12 Andy SpencerSet set at startup
2010-02-12 Andy SpencerUpdate nexrad url for GisHttp
2010-02-12 Andy SpencerSkip loading radar if one is already loading
2010-02-12 Andy SpencerSave the http object between sites
2010-02-08 Andy SpencerLibgis updates
2010-02-07 Andy SpencerMove RSL file handling to level2 object
2010-02-07 Andy SpencerRefactor radar plugin
2010-02-07 Andy SpencerRemove marching code (now in marching branch)
2010-02-06 Andy SpencerRemove gis_viewer_{begin,end} calls
2010-02-05 Andy SpencerUpdate for GisData -> GisHttp
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate for libgis
2010-02-03 Andy SpencerLeft align plugins checkbox in prefs dialog
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerUpdate for GIS changes
2010-01-28 Andy SpencerMake radar more opaque
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and email address
2010-01-27 Andy SpencerUse autoconf for about dialog
2010-01-26 Andy SpencerMake radar semi-transparent
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerMisc updates to radar plugin
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerAdd markers for WSR88D locations
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerDetermine site based on lat-lon location
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUpdate Radar plugin to use callback objects
2010-01-25 Andy SpencerUse NEVER when updating radar files
2009-11-14 Andy SpencerUpdate for Gis{World,OpenGL,View,Viewer} refactoring
2009-11-11 Andy SpencerFix win32 compile issues
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerUpdate conventions in GisPluginRadar
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerDisplay GUI error message when wsr88dec fails
2009-11-10 Andy SpencerEnable unknown plugins by default
2009-11-09 Andy SpencerFix misc bugs and bump version to 0.3 v0.3.x v0.3
2009-10-26 Andy SpencerVersion bump
2009-10-25 Andy SpencerUse own pluginsdir
2009-10-25 Andy Spenceradd symlinks for in-place running
2009-10-25 Andy SpencerFix and related things for stand-alone libgis
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerSplitting out libgis
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerFix compiling plugins
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerAdding -Wl,-z,defs to
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerAdd desktop files and pixmaps
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerUpdating make release for git
2009-10-24 Andy SpencerRewrite Glade ids using prefixes
2009-10-23 Andy Spencerold stuff
2009-09-09 Andy SpencerMaking the sky (glClearColor) bluer gis-v0.1
2009-09-09 Andy SpencerCheck for RSL in
2009-09-09 Andy SpencerRoam and Wms optimizations
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerMoving examples out of src to make gtk-doc happy
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerRemoving ridge plugin and moving exmaple plugin
2009-09-02 Andy SpencerMoving -Werror to, improving wms_test