Convert GtkBox and GtkScale to GTK 3 version
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2013-01-21 Andy SpencerConvert GtkBox and GtkScale to GTK 3 version
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerGet rid of GtkNotebookPage references
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerRename custom functions to prevent GTK 3 conflicts
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerSwitch to newer API for gps input sources
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerRemove gdk threads
2013-01-21 Andy SpencerSwitch to GDK_KEY_*
2013-01-02 Andy SpencerUpdate mac integration
2012-12-27 Andy SpencerVarious threading fixes
2012-12-15 Andy SpencerFix Level 2 Markers
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerFix missing arguments
2012-12-13 Andy SpencerRemove deprecated thread functions
2012-07-15 Andy SpencerAdd radar status link button
2012-02-19 Andy SpencerRevert "Fix off-by-one on date"
2012-02-16 Andy SpencerUpdate conus textures
2012-02-15 Andy SpencerSave previous heading in case of nan
2012-02-14 Andy SpencerChange some messages to debug messages
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerImprove shutdown code
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerRemove idle callback for loading markers
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerUpdate GPS plugin reference handling
2012-02-12 Andy SpencerUpdate levels of detail or new viewer perspectives
2012-02-09 Andy SpencerUpdate GPS config formatting
2012-02-09 Adam BoggsAdd GPS tracking plugin
2012-02-08 Andy SpencerUpdate levels of detail or new viewer perspectives
2012-02-06 Andy SpencerUpdate objects for new Grits expose settings
2012-02-04 Andy SpencerSave and restore window size
2012-02-04 Andy SpencerAdd some transparency to conus images
2012-02-03 Andy SpencerAdd county/storm based alert toggle buttons
2012-02-03 Andy SpencerUpdate alert tab packing
2012-01-10 Andy SpencerSet URL hook for about about dialog
2012-01-10 Andy SpencerPrevent multiple sites from loading simultaneously
2012-01-09 Andy SpencerIntegrate User Guide into UI
2012-01-07 Andy SpencerSet timezone to UTC
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerInitialize NEXRAD site setup data
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerAdd guards around initial date/time
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerClear Conus radar overlay textures
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerFix toolbar hiding bug
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerAdd gtk mac integration
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerImprove support for relative search paths
2012-01-02 Andy SpencerOSX port
2012-01-01 Andy SpencerFix threading bug in Alert plugin
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerFix 64-bit warnings
2011-11-24 Andy SpencerRemove unused RSL reference from alert-info.h
2011-11-10 Andy SpencerFix crash when setting the date
2011-11-10 Andy SpencerAdd radar menu to quickly focus on a site
2011-11-03 Andy SpencerAdd defaults for details messages
2011-11-03 Andy SpencerUse external link button handler
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerFix off-by-one on date
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerFix win32 build after removing gnulib
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerRemove gnulib, it's a huge pain
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright notices
2011-11-02 Andy SpencerAdd warning/watch/alert plugin
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerFix memory leaks
2011-10-27 Andy SpencerPass objects to grits_viewer_remove instead of refs
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerLeave nop sites out of the preference dialog
2011-09-25 Andy SpencerUpdate San Juan site
2011-09-12 Andy SpencerFix icons on win32
2011-09-10 Andy SpencerCheck for error conditions
2011-09-10 Andy SpencerGive NWS more time to update their servers
2011-09-07 Andy SpencerUpdate command line arguments
2011-09-06 Andy SpencerAdd new application icons
2011-08-29 Andy SpencerFix bug with plugins in preferences dialog
2011-08-25 Andy SpencerAdd -no-undefined for win32 build
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerFix linker flags
2011-08-24 Andy SpencerMove plugin loading to viewer realize callback
2011-06-12 Andy SpencerAdd auto-hide to fullscreen mode
2011-06-12 Andy SpencerSupport offline mode for Conus overlay
2011-06-12 Andy SpencerChange int to float for colormap mapping
2011-06-09 Andy SpencerAdd support for auto-update
2011-06-07 Andy SpencerRemove references to GtkGLExt
2011-05-25 Andy SpencerWork around for broken server
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerAdd fullscreen view
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerMisc win32 fixes
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerRename self -> level2
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerFix hiding and freeing volumes
2011-05-24 Andy SpencerIncrease volume size and fix colormap bugs
2011-02-28 Andy SpencerAdd iso-surface rendering to level 2 radars
2011-02-15 Andy SpencerSwitch back to only showing one radar at a time
2011-02-15 Andy SpencerAdd dual-pole support and improve colormap handling
2011-02-13 Andy SpencerRename aweather-colormap.[ch] to radar-info.[ch]
2011-02-13 Andy SpencerUse default colormap missing the correct one
2011-02-13 Andy SpencerPrevent double loading radar files
2011-02-07 Andy SpencerDecrease distance to needed load radar
2011-02-07 Andy SpencerUpdate locations file
2011-02-07 Andy SpencerUpdate sanity checks in wsr88d for dual-pole files
2011-02-07 Andy SpencerRemove newlines from wsr88ddec.c
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerMisc Grits/formatting updates
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerUse correct datatype for elev
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerFix off-by-one-half calculating ray distances
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerCenter level2 objects via GritsObject instead of manually
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerSupport setting an initial time with -t
2011-01-24 Andy SpencerFix bug setting xalign in preferences
2010-11-28 Andy Spencerlibgis -> grits: Update everything
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerUse/update reflectivity colormap
2010-11-01 Andy SpencerUpdate for libgis changes
2010-05-18 Andy SpencerProperly set DST flag when using mktime v0.4.1
2010-05-18 Andy SpencerAdd "Clean Cache" feature
2010-05-16 Andy Spencer(Re)Add a workaround for tab positions on Win32
2010-05-16 Andy SpencerAdd better debugging support on Windows
2010-05-12 Andy SpencerUse power of two textures for level2 sweeps
2010-05-10 Andy SpencerAdd some files dist tarballs