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AWeather 0.5 released:
  • Support for volume rendering (isosurfaces)
  • Automatic updating
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Dropped GtkGLExt
Forked RSL:
  • Added additional radars
  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • General code cleanup
  • Available from files directory and git
Update: AWeather 0.5 is also compatible with the newly released RSL v1.41
Started work on this new website. Lots of progress in AWeather as well:
  • Merged support for isosurfaces to the main branch (Finally!)
  • Added an option to automatically refresh after a timeout
  • New fullscreen mode
AWeather 0.4.1:
  • Win32 fixes and improved debug support
  • Fix bug with daylight savings time
  • Function to clear old cache entries
AWeather 0.4:
  • Conus radar images
  • Multiple radars support
  • Gentoo, Ubuntu, MS Windows and source packages are available
AWeather 0.3.0 released, based on libgis but still rather buggy.
AWeather 0.2.3 (maintenance release).
Added a Application menu entry and a few build/runtime fixes.
The source repository has been migrated to Git. A lot of progress is being made on libgis, which is now able to display a virtual globe using data from NASA servers.